Thoughts on the iPad mini

I like this from John Gruber’s review of the iPad mini:

The iPad Mini is not a device you need to spend a lot of time with to understand. My snap reaction from a week ago remains unchanged after a week of daily use.

I don’t (yet) own an iPad mini but I’ve spent a good few hours playing with one. It’s not a revolutionary device, but it is a smaller form factor of an existing revolutionary device.

The smaller iPad makes a whole lot of sense. The ability to hold it one hand is genuinely a big UX boon. Likewise, the weight is a refreshing change from the larger iPad. I still love the larger iPad. It’s my main computer now.

There’s been a lot of talk about the mini being the true realisation of the iPad. I can see why this is the case. It’s neat, convenient, portable and feels far more durable than its larger cousin. An iPad is essentially a large piece of glass, making the glass smaller gives you more confidence that it isn’t going to shatter if you don’t carry it around reverently on a velvet cushion.

Apple is going to sell a lot of these iPads. I’m holding off until next year because I know the Retina Display is coming. (Well, I feel a tremor in the Force.)

This is going to be an absolute blockbuster for Apple. Much has been made of the fact that the introduction of the iPod mini really set off Apple’s MP3 device on its path to greatness. I’ve a feeling that history is about to repeat itself.

I’m already looking forward to next October when the mini 2 lands. Those less anal about the resolution of their displays should dive in straight away.

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