Is the iPad Air “good enough”?

The new iPads look great. I’m particularly impressed by the hop, skip and jump the iPad mini has done with its A7 processor.

Yet I’m still surprised by the fundamental lack of understanding some writers have about Apple’s strategy.

This from an otherwise good article for the Telegraph on competitors issuing cheaper devices on similar ecosystem models (underline by me, not the author):

“There’s no guarantee that such an approach will succeed in the long-term – but Apple must be wary that consumers will deem cheaper rivals good enough. If market share continues to fall, even if Apple continues to make enormous profits, shareholders may yet demand cuts in prices to sustain Apple’s dominance.”

If Apple has considered that consumers would or have considered cheaper rivals “good enough” then the Mac would be dead on its arse.

I don’t think Apple gives a damn about people who think that something cheaper is good enough. Someone who says: “That’ll do,” isn’t the target audience.

The “good enough” ethos doesn’t come across in the company’s product or marketing strategy, it doesn’t come across in the way its CEO describes Apple’s mission to deliver great user experience.

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