That’s a lot of iPhones

What more can you say about Apple’s stellar quarterly figures? Over 74 million iPhones sold in three months is staggering. Apparently that breaks down as 34,000 iPhones sold every hour for three months.

Addressing analysts after the call, Tim Cook said the Apple Watch would start shipping in April (read the transcript from Six Colors).

A couple of things pop out of the transcript.

The first is the little nugget that Apple has now sold over one billion iOS devices:

“It was truly a momentous quarter for iOS. On November 22nd, we shipped our one billionth iOS device. It was a Space Gray 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, which we’ve saved here at Apple. One billion devices is an almost unfathomable milestone, and we are all incredibly proud to be a part of it.”

I recall reading that Sony had shipped around 200 million Walkmans when the iPod was in it early days and this seeming a huge achievement that would never be matched.

I also love the way he offered a little insight onto how the company defines ‘early’ as in ‘available in early 2015’.

“And just to clarify, what we had been saying is early 2015, and we sort of look at the year and think of early as the first four months, mid as the next four months, and late’s the final four months. And so to us, it’s within the range. It’s basically when we thought.”

And with that the next slew of articles demanding to know why the Apple Watch was late and why this was bad news for Apple was quietly spiked.

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