Thank you, Mr Forstall

Ever since Apple announced the iOS software boss Scott Forstall was leaving the company there has been a tsunami of articles explaining why Tim Cook had no choice other than to show him the door:

    Lack of social/corporate graces with other executives
    Lack of humility
    Lack of a sense of place within the company (note Om Malik’s observation – he forgot he was Steve’s guy and not Steve)

Yet, Forstall was responsible for the hugely successful rise of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod thing nobody can ever bother to mention.

Also he looked like Christopher Walken’s love child, although it should be pointed out for the record that he is almost certainly not.

Yes, the skeuomorphic design is not to everyone’s tastes and the lack of UX consistency drives some hipsters mad but the guy demonstrated incredible levels of acumen and competence.

His Achilles Heel seems to have been that he acted like a dick a lot of the time.

Forstall will occupy a key role in the history of Apple’s success but companies move on, they evolve and good luck to Scott in his next role. Wouldn’t it be fun if that role was with Microsoft or Google?

Thank you, Scott. I’m sorry it didn’t work out but it’s been an amazing journey.

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