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So 36 hours or so after I installed Yosemite I confess to being impressed with the latest version of OS X and a little bit smitten.

I’ve installed it on a 2007 iMac and a late-2010 Macbook Pro.

After the initial install I immediately regretted it. The MBP ran like a dog every time I opened a program, whether it was Word, Mail, Chrome or Disk Utility. However, I found that once I cycled through the programs performance improved.

Naturally, permissions were repaired and Macs restarted. Several times.

Now a day and half later, it seems, like a friend of mine commented on Twitter, that it is just like Snow Leopard. An under-the-hood upgrade. Except with a whole new lick of paint.

Both old Macs are ticking along nicely.

And they look good, too. I was put off a little by the initial look and feel of Yosemite but it’s grown on me quickly. I like the bold colours of icons.

But the main thing is the performance.

Many reviews will rave about Handoff and the other headline features in Yosemite but these are the three things that have made me happy.

1.  The green ‘maximise’ button finally does something coherent. It maximises the window to full screen. How it has taken Apple so long to make this leap into the obvious I have no idea. I no longer suffer bafflement and embarrassment trying to explain to people how it worked. Or how it didn’t.

2. I love the black menu bar and dock option. Partially because it looks cool and partly because it’s there as an option. Mac OS X was always so prescriptive in how it wanted to be seen. It’s refreshing to have options and it feels a bit cheeky, too.

3.  I’m using Safari again. I switched to Chrome some nine months ago. I’ve tentatively switched back again. Chrome is a very fine browser indeed and links well with my Google apps (naturally) but returning to Safari has let me take advantage of the browser across multiple devices. And I’m always surprised at how useful iCloud tabs are.


The price of innovation

Just about the best thing Apple could do right now is to stay away from innovating, especially in new markets.

Despite hitting the jackpot with the iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iPad, apparently the market is still hungry for new stuff.

Really? I suspect the market is quite happy with Apple. Its share price has taken a tonking but its cash registers are chiming with sales and its profits are pouring more dollars onto its lofty cash mountain.

The people who are actually hungry for more are tech writers and analysts, who since 2010, have been cruelly denied the opportunity to write about Apple’s latest grand foray into a new market.

The ones who have also, and cruelly, found their predictions of Apple TVs or wristwatches, unrequited. At least so far. Continue reading

Steve would never have done that!

Apple has had a drubbing over its Maps debacle and rightly so. However, the media perception that Apple never shipped poor products during the Jobs era is laughable and revisionist.

A list of things that Steve would ‘never’ have done:

  • A cube-shaped computer with dodgy plastic and little expandability that cost too much. Looked great, sold like a dog
  • The iPod hi fi. It took Ive almost a minute to design this. He rushed it
  • iPhone 4 antenna. The closest the ‘form over factor’ drones have got to the truth even though it wasn’t really that much of a problem
  • iMac G5. The ugliest Mac ever, bar none. I know, I had one. I was almost relieved when it vanished in a burglary
  • .Mac. Mildly crap, but a precursor for…
  • MobileMe. “So why the fuck doesn’t it do that?”
  • Ping. Ponged.
  • The fat iPod Nano. Come on… Continue reading