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Breathless iWatch and iTV update!

I like to speculate about future Apple products as much as the next wholly uninformed person but I was knocked over by the scarcity of facts in this Telegraph article.

Apple’s long-awaited plan to release ultra-high definition televisions in 2014 has been put on hold as the company turns its focus to wearable devices such as the iWatch, experts have said.

Apple hasn’t announced plans to release an ultra-high-definition TV at any time or for that matter any plans to develop watches, other than a Tim Cook reference as to how interesting a space the wrist was.

Apple have decide to postpone the ‘iTV’ beyond its rumoured 2014 release as consumers do not replace TVs often enough, and because the company wants to make certain it can offer something well beyond a traditional television.

You’d have thought Apple would have thought of the product renewal cycle long before it embarked on its (not-so-secret) R&D programme. If you’re going to revolutionise a product space, do your research.

“To offer truly unique product differentiation that would allow Apple to capture market share from existing smart TV brands, they would need to either deliver some exclusive source of content that the other brands cannot, such as a la carte pay-TV channels, or proprietary content not available on other devices.

“Neither of these is easy to achieve, and our sources indicate this is one of the principle reasons for the delay in the project.”

So a project that may or may not exist and has no release date is now behind schedule.


“Before he died in 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told his biographer he had “finally cracked” how to build a television…

Page 554 of the Jobs biography (at least on the Kindle version).  Still, the iTV is last year’s speculation. We’re back on the iWatch.

“It was reported earlier this year that Apple now has up to 50 employees working on developing the iWatch. The FT claimed that Apple “has embarked on a hiring spree to tackle design problems” with the product.

It was speculated earlier this year that Apple has some people working on a project that may or may not exist and that it has a problem designing the product, which again may not exist.

Tech writing at its very best.




The price of innovation

Just about the best thing Apple could do right now is to stay away from innovating, especially in new markets.

Despite hitting the jackpot with the iPod, iPhone, iTunes and iPad, apparently the market is still hungry for new stuff.

Really? I suspect the market is quite happy with Apple. Its share price has taken a tonking but its cash registers are chiming with sales and its profits are pouring more dollars onto its lofty cash mountain.

The people who are actually hungry for more are tech writers and analysts, who since 2010, have been cruelly denied the opportunity to write about Apple’s latest grand foray into a new market.

The ones who have also, and cruelly, found their predictions of Apple TVs or wristwatches, unrequited. At least so far. Continue reading